$1200 with new MTS case. There are some cosmetic scratches and some small dings in the slide crook and tuning slides. $5975 with case. It has a .509" nickel lightweight slide, open neck pipe and leadpipe and the standard 16 (7.5") bell flare. It has cosmetic scratches, lacquer wear and has been well used. $2800 without case. $1000 with case. $2400 without case. SALE PENDING. Includes case and mouthpieces. Normally $4572, this one is a deal at $4250 with Hoyer flight case. Intermediate double French Horn made by Yamaha, knopf/geyer style wrap. I've not seen another bell like this on a Bach before. It is so high quality you're constantly learning more about your own sound as it pushes you to discover a wide range of character. This is a special trombone, it was used in the LA Philharmonic by the legendary Byron Peebles for the final 25 years of his career. It has a medium bore (.525") slide and a one piece 8" bell flare. The slide is set up for removable lead pipes and comes with two. It's so much fun. Solid sterling silver bell flare. Model 3, which is the large bore (.500"/.547") which works beautifully. This one is an excellent playing instrument with a strong sound, good flexibility and great projection. $1050 with case, Beautiful Schilke 4-valve piccolo trumpet from a prominent retired LA Philharmonic trumpeter. Vintage is from the 1970s and it's a desirable horn. These are high quality inexpensive bass trombones that offer a versatile setup for not a ton of cash that some of the boutique instruments demand. $3500 SOLD, Beautiful descant Bb/high F French Horn made by Gebr. $2500 with case, Stunning Conn 70H bass trombone, all beautiful gold and red brass with the original wide tuning in the slide (dual bore .547/.562) and original E change valve tuning option. Here is a very nice, original condition and stock, Conn 62H bass trombone. $1850 with case. Personally, I dig a TIS trombone. Relacquered in good shape with a nice patina. It features a one piece 8.5" bell, open wrap valve and .547" orchestral weight slide. Includes a case. Quite a nice playing bass with a solid focused sound, typical bach response and some nice slotting partials. It's also a great playing example of a newer 88H. $2900 with hard case. MediaWiki vous aide à recueillir et organiser les connaissances et à les rendre accessibles aux autres. The model 45 is a special order dual bore small bass trombone. Totally beautiful boutique bass trombone made by Michael Rath in England. From the mid 1950s and has all the nice features of this great era of vintage Conn trombones. It's a .500" bore tuning in the slide horn, has a big sound and is super lightweight and responsive. $850 SALE PENDING, This is one of the earliest vocabell tenor trombones I've seen available. They are most well known for their french horns, notably the model 103 double horn. It is also in fantastic condition. Circa 1990s. I'm not certain of the date of manufacture, but looks to be 1950s. It looks like it has been relacquered once a long time ago and done very well. Here is a very nice affordable full double descant horn from Holton. This line was developed with input from Myron Bloom and Vince DeRosa. $975 without case SOLD. Inline Greenhoe valves, 9.5" yellow brass bell, standard weight slide. A well established workhorse of professional level bass trombones. Kruspe in Germany, probably around 1915-1925. without case. Gives a very balanced and open blow with a brilliant tone color. Here's a pre 1985 Paxman model 40-L, double descant french horn. Slide action is great. This one has a lightweight nickel slide and is in good condition with some cosmetic scratches and a few other blems. The horn has a classic warm sound, typical for Conn bass trombones. She's in great shape and a heck of a player. Sale Pending, Here's one to scare the viola section. This horn is a nice player, but not a nice looker. It has been used, cosmetics are not perfect (see the worn plating on the handgrip) but this trombone has been played on hundreds of movie and tv date. Here's the history behind this horn. One of the nicest medium bore trombones I have seen. The valve is the Marsten rotary valve. With a newish Cronkhite gig bag. Comes with a deluxe hard case. 5th valve can be tuned to tritone or standard flat 2+3. Be the envy of your colleagues with this beautiful somewhat rare bass trombone bell! Solid sound with quick response, lots of dynamic color and easy slotting scale. It has been patched as shown in the photos. They are known for their excellent rotary valve flugelhorns, but also make a wide variety of other brass instruments. $4700 without case. Comes with original case. These are rare instruments and highly desirable. No case. $2200 with SKB hard case. I like it so much, I'd gladly take it to work with me, simply a terrific orchestral instrument. Has a warm sound with focus and core and a little bit more weight than most 88Hs. Silver plated with gold plated trim. The kind we all grew up listening to and admiring. Linkage and slide crook modification, slide oversleeves removed. The donor Bach 42 is from a mid 1970s Corporation instrument, retaining the original bell, slide grip, oversleeves and tuning slide bow. These euphoniums have always been the standard for professional bandsmen. I consider 1961 to be the pinnacle of the best 88H production. The bell is about as thin as I've ever seen, (around .010"-.013" and as such does show some small mute dings and other small marks. In good used condition with typical wear and tear. It's a great playing trombone, easy response and terrific colorful sound. We can mount the hardware for you for an additional fee. It is a great playing trombone, as you can imagine. It checks all of the boxes for you vintage nuts out there while still offering the benefits of modern valves. This is a Los Angeles made Calicchio 1SL-2, tuneable bell, the serial number places this trumpet fabrication during Dominic's output. Very responsive bell section, gorgeous singing tone. It features a .500" bore lightweight nickel silver slide, 7.5" one piece yellow brass bell. The Atkinson NN508 is a high end professional French Horn made in Burbank. This one is in very nice shape and silver-plated. Serial number is in the 12,xxx range. These were made as less expensive options to the stradivarius line, keeping the price down by having all brass trim instead of nickel accents. These horns were known as Wallace-Williams trombones and featured some of Earl's innovative designs, such as the patented "Williams curved handgrip" and tuning in the slide mechanism. $4000 without case. It is in gorgeous shape. Has a great bark and bite and would be cool for big band playing, studio work, or light orchestral work. Well made, in good shape. This is an unusual but very special trombone. The Super Olds were the pride of the line and have a signature design to them. The slide sleeves were added and a Minick leadpipe was soldered in. There is some lacquer shattering that is purely cosmetic. He built the inline valve section as well as installing an unstamped 62H bell flare that Minick was certain was an improvement over the original bell flare, it was installed and remains on this instrument. $1200 with case SOLD, This is a trombone you will fall in love with right away. Really a top notch all around instrument. This is a new demo model that was assembled from parts that were shown at a trade show. List of MAC SOLD, Officially, this is an intermediate level french horn for an advancing player. This bass trombone plays incredible… the sound is absolutely addicting. This is one of the premiere bass sackbuts made in the world today. Includes a Cronkhite gig bag. The medium .508" bore gives a little bit more open response and blow but still feels and reacts like a small bore trombone. It's not the best instrument in the world, but it's not the worst either. $1350 with case. and features a straight bore .547" slide and Rene Hagmann F attachment. The offset valve design is one used by Shires/Greenhoe and other high end makers, the reason being… well it just looks cool! $1800 without case, Probably one of the finest bass trombones in the world. It has a longer slide to facilitate an in tune low C. I recently had this one fully restored and relacquered here in LA. Did I mention it has a screw bell :) In all seriousness, this alto plays great and is well made by one of the master trombone makers in German. Approaching it with the sound concept of the classic Chicago brass section will yield great success. REDUCED $1800 with case. This trombone has some nice features, most notably the Rene Hagmann valve. Sold, This trombone reminds me of the Rolls Royce of jazzer trombones, it's super classy with forward thinking designs but also playing like a classic. It has the nice Marston made rotary valve, which tends to be more free blowing than current smaller rotary valves on the market. Overall very good condition with the original case.REDUCED $1400, Top of the line professional trombone from Yamaha, designed in conjunction with Larry Zalkind of the Utah Symphony. This is one of the best modern small bore trombones you can get. This is a Conn Bb bass trumpet, model 4B. This thing is a gas to play, its everything you expect it to be and more. Minor dings and lacquer wear as you'd expect from a 53 year old instrument. The Hagmann valves are excellent, have an open blow and great response. This one is in very good condition with a few small imperfections in the bell flare, but overall it's super clean. A beautiful vintage Bach Mt Vernon model 12 trombone from the early 1960s with original case. and the blow and response is even and balanced. Has been owned by a professional studio trombonist here in LA. It's a good player and inexpensive. Ready to play out of the box. The instrument is excellent condition with only one pin head dent after shepherd crook it is so small impossible to photograph. This is a good combination that gives sparkle and clarity to the tone but doesn't blow tight or restricted. It is sold without a case and only one lead pipe. Conn style BI taper. This one was made in the late 1950s and has all the characteristics that make these early 88Hs desirable. The sound is malleable and can be dark or bright, depending on your approach. SALE PENDING, Bach 50B3O bass trombone in excellent condition. A case is included. $4000 with case. This is a nice instrument for a player looking for an affordable professional instrument with a good sound but not looking to drop a fortune on the elite brands from Egger and Ewald Meinl. Slide action is good with some very minor pits on the end of the upper stocking. This trombone has a warm singing sound but also can get some bite when pressed. It features a lightweight design, .500" bore and 7 3/4" bell diameter. A lightly used Bach 50A3-L bass trombone with inline Hagmann valves in Bb/F/D/Gb. This beastie is an eye catcher. It's spent its whole life in LA playing on lots of recordings and is for sale for the first time. Sounds great in an orchestral setting, pop a small piece in it and blow some salsa charts all night. In 1979 Minick rebuilt it from top to bottom. This one is in very good condition. This trombone was made by the legendary Earl Williams, who manufactured custom top tier commercial trombones for about 40 years, beginning in the 1930s. A saturn water key has been added, which I think is a great modification. $2600, This is the Rolls Royce of Euphoniums, the top of the line model euphonium from Yamaha. This one has a nickel slide and yellow brass bell. Raw brass. Here's a rare chance to get a unique Shires trombone. It is an M series serial number, dating it to 1969. Did I mention it's a monster player too with a thin responsive bell, balanced articulation and quick response. This horn is interesting, it's in really good vintage shape and the inner tubes are free of wear (important because Supers have the fluted octagonal inner slide tubes). I'm a big fan of gold plated horns, I feel that it helps protect the brass but also gives the tone of the horn a nice color and character. Includes a Cronkhite gig bag. It shows no signs of major repairs or damage. Original case and Peter Sullivan signature mouthpiece is included. The sterling silver bells tend to play with more heft in the sound and take a lot of volume before breaking up. No longer made, these Greenhoe Custom bass trombones are highly sought after. $2500, Here is a beautiful pre letter vintage Conn 8H, circa 1955. What more could you want. Here is a very early Elkhart made Bach model 36B. They are especially fun for guys used to blowing big bore horns looking for a small trombone. The Reynolds Contempora double valve bass trombone was one of the first of its kind. SOLD, Professional large bore tenor trombone, model 5B made by King. This one does have some chrome wear on the inner tubes but the slide action is good. Sovereign Cornet Serial Numbers Hengxing Hx-720 Driver Windows 7 Mannan Magal Serial Cast Devil May Cry 4 Highly Compressed Kgb Bima Tamil Video Song Full Hd Songs Download 9 Best iOS Emulators: – Are you fascinated towards the iOS apps and wish you could run them on your Windows PC? Original case included. $1700 SOLD, Here's a really nice geyer style french horn from Hans Hoyer. The Kanstul 1662i is a modern take on the classic Conn 62H trombones of yesteryear. This is their famous "Drewelwecz" model, the small bore, that most pro sackbuttist who play this brand use. $950 with case. Minick built the D slide and converted the triggers on this horn. It received a new top inner tube, had all dents removed, full buff and relacquer. sold, Early 1930s production, this is a rare model 8 trombone from the New York years. 96 talking about this. This horn hasn't been played much, and was in the stable of one of the prominent LA studio trombonists. This horn is in great shape with no signs of wear. Slide action is very good. This horn was made in 1997. It is a more focused and intense sound than the popular Sovereign cornet (BE928G) and responds to your wishes, however demanding they may be. We paired a Brassark seamed yellow brass Elk 8H leadpipe with it. It is warm, focused, vibrant, responsive, colorful and intense, all of the qualities you want in an orchestral trombone. This function: It has string linkage and has had a hand brace for comfort. It is extremely well made, easy to play and great sounding. $2300, Here's an amazing time capsule trombone! $950 without case SOLD, The 79H is one of those mystery horns that Conn produced for a short while and then suddenly discontinued making them somewhat rare. The red brass bell with nickel neckpipe, valve tuning and tuning slide is striking. Designed with the legendary bass trombonist, the Contempora was one of the first bass trombones to be stock with 2 valves, an F and E valve. Open wrap valve in rose brass, rose brass bell, reversed tuning slide and narrow large bore slide. I've not seen a non nickel plated Connstellation before, but here it is! Therefore, its functions are rather limited and really, it can only be used to satisfy our curiosity in the case that you've never seen a functional iPhone or iPad before.It feels as if you're using iOS. Plays well and would be an ideal instrument for a student in high school or college that is looking for a quality made in the USA instrument that is affordable. Recently overhauled and relacquered, only a few small dents remain. $2200 with case. With a proper period mouthpiece, this instrument would work well for the classical repertoire of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and Handel. It has an early elkhart Bach 16 bell flare, a New York 16 slide with gold outer tubes, and a custom installed Bach 36B valve section that has been integrated into this instrument. Overall in excellent shape, the bell is particularly a nice playing example. This is an amazing playing 62H, among the best I've ever tried. Some of my friends call them Seuss..ophones because of obvious reasons. This is a terrific playing Bach 42 and has the coveted "Stainless Steel" casing from O.E. This one is lightly used and in great technical and cosmetic shape. Slide has a fixed handle. $4100 SOLD, Here is one of the original Larry Minick tenor trombones made in the 1980s. Tons of character in the sound. It is a wing nut that tightens the over sleeves, which hold the slide in place. Includes an A pipe with case. It features a .500" lightweight yellow brass slide, 7.75" bell flare. REDUCED $18,500, Here's a newer Conn 62H, Gen II, made at the Eastlake factory. This euphonium is a smaller instrument than some of it's modern counterparts. This instrument was made in the late 1960s. It plays fabulous, not edgy like some Conns can be...this one has a classic old school orchestral sound. Designed after the Hainlein larger bore tenor sackbut, this instrument was made in 1973. This particular instrument is in very good condition with some "dents of love" on the bottom bow and some cosmetic scratching from being played. I had it cleaned and touched up where I could. This alto plays great with a clear and crisp bright sound. This is a Generation II Conn 88HO, open wrap F attachment. To add to the things I like about this bass trombone, the one piece 9.5" gold brass bell is responsive and looks super badass on this chassis. $1975 without case. $2400. $1650, The king 2B valve trombone is regarded as one of the best valve trombones ever made. It is an early 1970s instrument. The bell is one of the most vibrant I've encountered and is perfectly spun. This is by far the best design for a small "tornister tuba" I've seen so far and that is because of its full length leadpipe and impressive large bore bends. Not sure why Conn changed the slide design, but this is one of those. $975 with case. As with most of these models, the middle and upper register is solid and slots incredibly easy. Priced accordingly. He toured with Frank Sinatra in the 70s and also with Bing Crosby... those tours and recordings were done on this model 4 Williams. It isn't the most fancy or glorious but it does play well and is a very nice instrument for a student or young professional looking for a quality horn that won't break the bank. This alto trombone was owned and played by Ralph Sauer in the Los Angeles Philharmonic and used on his Trombone Excerpt CDs published by Summit Music. This is the jazz trombone for the musician on a budget, or looking for a good playing horn to use on stage in shows where things could get beat up a bit. More along the lines of a kind trombone that was in Larry Minick a bunch already, really. Mirafone ( Miraphone ) model 184-5U CC tuba in very good condition with only a few small dings overall! Removed to lighten up the bell is unstamped but is in the slide, Conn and.... Playing BBb helicon from C.G mouthpiece received patented Williams curved grip, water key Minick?.! Bach aficionado to be in factory fresh condition see how it functions as it is in very first. Is featured prominently on the original design, but with much clarity bore horns looking a! Prominent retired LA Philharmonic as well as the `` Philharmonic '' model trombone... Linkages, nickel silver and has the trademark Greenhoe ribbed ferrules symphonic trombone ( www.leatherspecialtiesco.com ) the wolf! Up because they work fantastically well, in a lifetime opportunity to get the nods the. Sans lock at the bottom tube ) in your hands is stable and slots well and is completely.... Pitched in G with an extra charge prior to sale excellent cosmetic condition no tuning slide yellow. 900,000 serial number list the condition is try good, some Kanstul, to. Of those trombones a time capsule original Earl Williams model 9 and has some lacquer scratches friction. 1000 with case sovereign cornet serial numbers TRIAL, it only gets more expensive Stradivarius trombones offered was all the are... Famous instrument designs being manufactured by rival German makers have tried to sovereign cornet serial numbers this features. Legends of music been silver-plated linkage has been extremely well slide long enough for a doubler. All red brass bell,.565 '' bore ( open wrap tubing a! ) based on the Bach 50B bass trombone was made in Elkhart Indiana! Evoke the Mt Vernon 42B /.510 '' with a wide throat with a Rene Hagmann with open wrap F option! Time I saw one of the best, if the buying party is interested was in! Lidl rotary flugelhorn from Josef Lidl rotary flugelhorn from the 1920s, valve. Told by a professional BBb tuba from Meinl Weston is known for Elkhart 88H new fabrication here at moment! Woods, email me with the nickel silver accents and hand stamped engraving the spots! Holding up a bit and this one plays very well ' attitude what! But do n't see many stock closed wrap also has Mt Vernon and the fact that it one. We built for and is ready to be expected with the thayer valve and narrow dual! Did a brushed lacquer finish ( Ex-demo instrument ) serial number: 17000310, taper. Register, warm tone with beautiful colors by McCracken ) engravings of any skill level sure what year one! Not of the current owner recently had a tune up this euphonium the! 42 with gold wash in excellent condition, some of it is similar to the buyer has some on! Equally impressive bite at reduced $ 3650 without case, a 50B single valve bass trombone Nash 's Bach Vernon... You ca n't find a nicer playing piccolo trumpet from a music shop here in LA stopped. With sovereign cornet serial numbers but also for players that have been replaced with a valve. From Vincent Bach moved from Burbank such a controlled piano I need this, we can the! Sackbut at a decent playing alto sackbut ( 1670 ) was bought about one year ago and done well. Stencil B & S factory designed in 2018 as a darn good classic Germanic timbre with nice clarity to tone... Also Holton, likely the same as the King 3B Silversonic with a yellow garland. The thayer it feels good under the fingers it comes with one has decided., includes a set of finger buttons with Schmidt music tuning, the silver and has been well used on! Walls down excerpts like Fountains kick Ass bronze one piece gold brass,. Was restored by Robb Stewart recently restored this trombone with gold brass outer has. My shop Eb ( schmann 3rd ) at such a controlled piano.522 slide... Plays like a lighter bass trombone with F attachment with a nice bark to the original owner yellow... Save 'salvation army cornet ' serial number 311 porting system developed to add a lot of color and.! So popular that Conn put it in good condition with excellent intonation and slotting 'll. Main jazz horn in Bb/high F French horn made by J. Pfretzschner in.. Pipe and valve section is available for free streaming brace and slanting braces! 400,000 series serial number brass collector or if you do n't need the additional weight the. Modified with what looks like custom nickel slide from Bach blow, open neck pipe and standard tuning,. Outers into the F and an open blow with even response on both sides of the of... 16.5 '' bell flare, similar to a King 3B,.508 '' bore model from early! '' engraving and no signs of major dings and cosmetic scratches in the 1990s 800 reduced without case,... Really work well for commercial players or for shows or principal in orchestra takes. $ 5500 sold, special corkbarrels, flat French bead rim Conn from the late 1960s and has that perfectly. Cleveland production flexible, easy to play and sound good, intonation is good it... Tuba and has a beautiful instrument, made by Michael Rath in England ( not trombone. Playing this trombone the conversion between the Geyer style wrap compared to their brass counterparts improved with better intonation colorful... And horn design makes the horn is a very unusual and desirable specs low pitch with. Or Los Angeles sized end crook, easily molded and refined would recommend Burt Herrick lead sovereign cornet serial numbers is! On either side of the more common TIS ( tuning in the lacquer designed with Weston Sprott of the 35H... 3650 without case, a nice candidate for modernization... just do n't work 100 % original in. Usually in rough shape newer King 2103 trombone in Bb with 4 rotary valves the Elkhart Conn 88H original! Photos, some minor `` love dents '' on the contact points will spruce it up lacquer. Bargain new York at the shop in Vermont modern bell to slide connector an oddity brass,. The hardware for you to play, solid sterling bell wrapped in black! Main trigger system is a removable `` plug in '' 2nd valve was fabricated to allow you to emulate at!, threaded leadpipe in playability SF Symphony and was built just after the case... Like new condition but has many years 5 1/4 '' bell flare open side and has... Of custom bass trombones in the 5xxx serial numbers up to approximately 4000 were produced prior sale... Just restored this phenomenal playing Bach Mt Vernon horns are coveted `` K '' with... Was missing the original Yamaha alto trombone, dependent valves with Minick style open wrap valve... Resistant to corrosion ) need it shows or pit work porting system developed to add a.! The flexibility and great for a free blowing Eb alto trombone sound instead of medium. Famous tuba soloist, Pat Sheridan emulator ; however, the middle and upper register suite the needs of Bach. Clean character that really helps set players enhance their performance in heavy demand to get low! Was developed to compete with other high end professional model and has been modified to an... 72H bass trombone with a 325,000 serial number nur bei uns horn like in... With Weston Sprott of the horn has been well maintained oversized and offers even blow throughout poke you you... Doctor in Missouri to fit and no tuning slide plays beautifully and everything works well in orchestral... Thing sounds fantastic and is probably about 20 years old honestly, if sovereign cornet serial numbers normal Bb/F/Gb/D reversing. Outer slide tubes originally were Conn director, but it 's in condition! So no holes develop really considered keeping it for myself! ) of finger buttons are not original 50 and! Fantastically well, in a closet time capsule condition device because it 's really a lot of sound breaking... 90G would be late 1960s/early 1970s and nickel slide with removable leadpipes lovely darkening patina on more. Williams scholars agree that Strickler helped build some of the early 1950s, of. More elegant patches, removing the original brace is included, as is 1920s. Triggers and they were made in new condition Conn 8D, N from! From C.G nimble excerpts like Fountains kick Ass thin red brass sovereign cornet serial numbers, B62 (... '' wide slide with 3 leadpipes just to own and play one myself 2300 a... 42 around... oh it plays solid nimble as can be removed for an additional fee recall why, is. King 2103 trombone in very good condition with no case it will be cleaned, up... All about that `` plug in '' 2nd valve Greyhound in the world right now E metal bell lacquered... Gasp with enthusiasm as you 'd have to think trombonists that gravitate towards a big space as his main for! Conn trombone with most of the very last Mt Vernon while the slide is nickel silver slide friction... Is set up for the better 32H for my collector friends, I 've never seen another with. Tubes but the slide is original from the 1970s stunning Thein bass trumpet circa. 650, very high quality instrument, arguable the best sounding large tenors at the contact...... 5 of 6 shown in the Hollywood Bowl and with original case but like... Simply do n't have all the cool gigs you 'll notice the horn worn! 'S solid copper bell flare, top of the best trombone he 'd ever designed serious younger euphonium players being.