County:  Harrison, KY Path length: Notes:  One well-constructed home lost its roof, two barns were demolished, and numerous trees were felled. February 6, 2008 The. April 20, 1996 Injuries:  0 Path width:  50 yards Counties:  Washington IN January 3, 2000 Path length: June 25, 2018 The tornado then affected a residence, badly damaging the roof and throwing the porch of the house several yards to the northeast. Grazulis narrative:  Moved east from east of Russell Springs, to Salem, and to Faubush. Deaths: Deaths:  0 Path length: Injuries:  0 Injuries:  0 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado formed one and a half miles south southeast of Bohon and moved across Bohon Road near the Salt River, dissipating east of US 127 3.3 miles southeast of McAfee. Deaths:  4 F-scale:  F1 The tornado continued eastward, snapping the trunks of several large trees along Butler Creek and damaging carports and a metal outbuilding along Holmes Bend Rd and Turkey Trace. Counties:  Franklin, Scott KY, Harrison KY How many tornadoes of each F-scale have occurred? Time:  4:34pm Tee climbed the tree and got her out. Time:  8:00pm Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  According to Storm Data this tornado touched down between Borden and Pekin just southwest of IN 60...would that be modern-day IN 160? Noted discrepancies:  SPC's lat/lon do not agree with NCDC's narrative. Deaths: Notes:  SPC's touchdown lat/lon is in McCracken County, and the liftoff lat/lon is in Marshall County. Storm Data says a pole barn was reduced to rubble along IN 160 northwest of Charlestown. Grazulis has this tornado touch down ten minutes before the previous one (listed above). Path width:  40 yards Path length: Counties:  Henry Deaths:  0 April 3, 1974 Deaths: In these cases, a southwest-to-northeast movement of the tornado was assumed, since that is the most common direction of travel for tornadoes. Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives 30 yards. A wheat field had distinct circulations quite visible. It appears to have touched down at Hike's Point along Taylorsville Road and Brown's Lane. EF-Scale:  EF-1 Time:  5:20pm - 5:22pm CDT Path length:  5 miles Path length:  5 miles (skipping) The second funnel cloud/tornado was near tree top level. Winds in this area were 110 mph with a path width about 125 yards. Time:  4:02pm Deaths:   0 Fourteen farm buildings were damaged and a tenant home was destroyed. A small play shed on the west side of the home was destroyed, with the debris blown to the west-northwest. Counties:  LaRue Hazardous Weather Outlook Notes:  A National Weather Service Survey Team in conjunction with Larue County EMA determined a second tornado just south of Miami Court and moved east through a wooded area. These tornadoes were plotted in grey with the annotation "F?". Path length:  2.3 miles F-scale:  F4 Path length:  2.7 miles Deaths:  0 The tornado hit a property on Murrays Run Road ripping off the sides of a large well-built barn. Time:  6:00pm were blown down. Path length:  1 mile The most intense damage was found near Frankfort Cemetery and the Kentucky State Capitol. Injuries:  0 Injuries:   3 Narrative:  Moved northeast along the southeast edge of Cecilia. Northwest of Valley Station many softwood trees were damaged, a pine tree was snapped, and a trampoline was blown over. Path length: Path width:  100 yards In this region, the tornado was an EF3 with 150 mph winds. Eleven buses suffered damage and had their windows blown out. The tiny twister then continued to the northeast, causing other minor tree damage to the south of Probus Lane. Deaths: About a hundred homes were unroofed or damaged. Deaths:   0 Counties:  Mercer Counties:  Lincoln Path length: At this location there was more tree and roof damage. Path length:  1 mile Eight smokestacks were toppled at a canning plant, and the roof was ripped off a house. Much of the tornado path was at tree top, and several residents within 1/2 mile of the storm were unaware of it due to lack of excessive winds or roar. At the edge of Lagrange three frame homes and three mobile homes were destroyed. The tornado then traveled over a ridge and intensified as it hit State Route 135 at Dutch Creek Road. It damage many roofs with the heaviest damage at a day care center in a residential home off Miami Court. Counties:  Orange F-scale:  F0 Time: 6:45am - 6:54am EDT Time:  1:30pm Notes:  This small tornado did $500,000 damage to planes at Logan County Airport. • Includes free decals and masking foil• Packed with color photos and including three color profilesThe Panavia Tornado is a family of twin-engine combat aircraft, which was jointly developed by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy. Deaths:  0 Path width:  100 yards Path length:  2.25 miles Time:  1:15pm The tornado did minor roof damage to a house near Martin Road. Time:  5:54pm - 5:56pm EDT SPC gives an ending lat/lon of 38.42/-83.73...NCDC gives 38.40/-83.93. Three trees were knocked down or snapped northeast of the shop, with the last evidence of a tornado about 150 yards farther down. Notes: This very small, skipping tornado did its damage primarily on hilltops between Sparks Ferry Road and the intersection of IN 135 and Lewellen Road. Notes:  Began on Bull Creek Road west of Vesta where it scoured the ground. Path width:  200 yards A barn "exploded", killing thirty chickens. Annual distribution of tornadoes, by month, Actual number of tornadoes each year since 1830, Color-coded by F-Scale without county lines, Color-coded by F-Scale with county lines and time zones, Color-coded by F-Scale without county lines with time zones, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Counties:  Butler, Warren The twister finally lifted near the end of Drowning Creek Road northeast of Waco. County:  Bourbon Path length:  Notes:  Storm Data says that the central and northern parts of Russellville were hardest hit, including the Kaintuck Hotel. Deaths: Homes were unroofed. Injuries: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC and Grazulis give nothing. F-scale:  F0 Deaths:  0 County:  Edmonson In addition, two homes on Dutch Chapel Road had significant roof damage and other structural damage, with debris thrown to the north, northeast, and east southeast. Injuries:  0 At 291 Elamond Road part of the roof of a home was peeled back with extensive siding damage. Storm Data says this tornado hit four and a half miles southeast of Salem near IN 60 (present-day IN 160?) Grazulis narrative:  Moved southeast, hitting a rural mobile home eight miles northeast of Corydon, blowing it apart, killing a man, and scattering debris for almost a mile. Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado on a two mile long path along Gilberts Creek from Salvisa to two miles east of Salvisa. Injuries:  0 Time:  1:54am EDT Injuries: Counties:  Hart, LaRue Counties:  Monroe, Cumberland (from Sumner, TN) F-scale:  F0 Time:  11:54pm EDT The bus was thrown fifty feet into the ditch, crushing the couple and killing the woman. Deaths:  0 Time:  9:45am Notes:  A tornado touched down 0.7 miles south of St. Meinrad in Spencer County on the southern end of the St. Meinrad Seminary grounds. Deaths: There were some trees down further along the farmer`s field, but the tornado lifted after traveling approximately 0.6 miles where a few trees were topped where it lifted. Path width: Injuries:  0 Path length: Her husband was injured. Path length:  1.7 miles Deaths:  Deaths: Counties:  Clinton A trampoline was thrown approximately a mile from the house along with lots of playground toys being thrown several hundred yards. Time:  6:15pm Injuries:  0 May 31, 1998 F-scale:  F2 Notes:  This tornado passed through western and central Lincoln County. Path width:  Storm Data narrative says, "A small tornado of the bounding type moved in a straight line west-southwest to east-northeast from about half a mile east of Standiford approximately ten miles northeast. Injuries:  0 EF-Scale: EF1 The tornado struck as students were arriving at school on buses. Notes:  This small tornado damaged trees and roofs near KY 1967 north of US 60. Path length:  2.7 miles About forty other homes had minor damage. A trailer was demolished, and farm buildings were destroyed. In addition, an outbuilding lost part of its roof and debris struck a residence causing cracked masonry and dented drywall inside the structure. Path width:  30 yards Path length:  1/4 mile Path length: Counties:  Dubois November 15, 2005 Notes: This short-lived spin-up occurred as a northeast-moving storm interacted with outflow winds from a southeastward-moving storm in eastern Metcalfe County. F-scale:  F0 Several homes and barns in far northern Jefferson County were damaged. Time:  11:35 - 11:40pm CDT A new 24 foot travel trailer was destroyed. The tornado itself touched down on the edge of a large wooded area west of KY 527 0.4 mile south of Saint Francis. Path length:  Noted discrepancies:  None F-scale:  F2 The tornado proceeded to Route 79/259 and struck a home just north of A.H. Wilson Road with EF-2 strength. Time:  6:05am - 6:07am EST Path width: Path width:  250 yards Injuries: 1 Time:  2:30pm Injuries:  0 Path length:  34 miles (skipping) F-scale:  F0 SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis 100 yards. Path length:  60 miles (probably a family of tornadoes) F-scale:  F2 Counties:  Orange Deaths: Path length:  15 miles Time:  4:00am Time:  10:10pm EST Path length: Time:  1:25pm Injuries:  0 A metal roof was peeled off of a small outbuilding. F-scale:  F3 Counties:  Cumberland, Clinton (to Wayne) July 20, 2018 A mobile home was rolled over and trees and power lines were blown down. Deaths: Notes:  According to Storm Data, one house was struck on Happy Hollow Road four miles south of Hawesville. There were at least 20 injuries, one critical. Damage included roofs blown off two brick homes with the walls collapsed in one home. Several trees were blown over in Haysville. Injuries: Path length:  6 miles Deaths:   0 Path length:  45 miles (probably a family of skipping tornadoes) F-scale:  F2 The straight-line winds were estimated at 70 mph. A few trees were snapped as well. Injuries:  0 Many barns were destroyed in Indiana, where there was $300,000 damage. All entries have identical f-scale and path widths values. F-scale:  F2 Time:  4:31am EST Path width: Tornadoes are meteorological monsters that have a powerful effect on anything that stands in their way. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down just north of Campbellsburg, then northeast of Tucker Station, then near Port Royal near the Carroll County line. Grazulis narrative:  A barn was destroyed near Scottsburg. The tornado touched down briefly along this path and moved an at least 500 pound dumpster 35 feet southeast. F-scale:  F1 Several houses were reduced to kindling, and one tenant house was "blown completely away" near Silver Creek. Path width:  100 yards F-scale:  F4 Deaths:  0 Carmon Creek Road where several hardwoods were snapped along with power lines down. Countless trees were snapped and uprooted. Deaths: Counties:  Butler Time: 3:38am CST SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. Counties:  Green EF-scale:  EF1 Counties:  Grayson December 21, 2013 A few more homes received minor damage before the tornado lifted near Longview. Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a time of 4:40pm, Grazulis and Storm Data give 5:40pm. Path width:  150 yards Counties:  Jefferson KY Deaths:   0 A 20 x 20 section of the barn was blown 500 feet to the south-southeast. Counties:  Washington IN Deaths:  0 Up to 100 people may have been injured in Russell County. EF-Scale:  EF-2 Path width:  25 yards Grazulis narrative:  A tornado was sighted at Fort Knox, northeast of Radcliff. Notes: This tornado briefly touched down on Spinks Drive just off of Highway 69. Most of the injuries were in a church that was torn apart and collapsed during evening services. Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list a path width of 400 yards, Grazulis says 100 yards. Time:  1:29am EST to 1:34am EST F-scale:  F1 Three barns were destroyed, 2 of them were concreted in strong firm footers. Several buildings were unroofed. Injuries: Deaths: May 14, 1995 F-scale:  F2 The tornado went over a hill and down into a holler where multiple vortices were witnessed. Injuries:  1 Time:  10:30pm Injuries:  12 Grazulis narrative:  A small tornado demolished a barn and carried the barn timbers a half mile away from the barn site. Five barns at the race track had large sections of their roofs blown off and cinder block walls buckled or collapsed. Time:  7:00pm Fences were torn down as well. F-scale:  F1 Fatality counts for Russell County vary from 14 to 20 depending on the source...this study will use Grazulis' number of 18. Tornado stories are handed down through generations of families. Counties:  Green Time:  5:00pm Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a path length of 13 miles, Storm Data and Grazulis give 14. March 20, 1976 EF-scale:  EF1 F-scale:  F1 Deaths:  0 April 16, 1982 Injuries: Path length: Intermittent minor damage then occurred east of this intersection. Path width: Fire Weather Time:  10:53am - 10:54am EDT Path length: Notes: This was an intermittent skipping tornado. Injuries: A second barn had metal sheeting thrown 500 yards. Injuries: The day after the storm the head of the Louisville weather service office, J. L. Kendall, surveyed the damage. Noted discrepancies:  None F-scale:  F1 SPC lat/lon ends the tornado southwest of Lexington, rather than northeast. Counties:  Logan Counties:  Lincoln Path width: March 28, 1997 Barns were blown down along KY 1160 near McAfee. A nearby house was lifted bodily from its foundation, power lines were torn down, and a white leghorn rooster was stripped of its feathers. Time:  7:35pm Aerial photos of damage were also taken by volunteer general aviation pilots Mark Powers and Josh Kieffer and aerial photographer Austin Lassell in aircraft N16NA. Path width: October 18, 2007 Injuries: Counties:  Washington, KY A tobacco warehouse was demolished on the southwest side of town. The "Negro section" of Jimtown was destroyed, and all 25 houses in Jimtown were razed after the storm. Time:  5:00pm Counties: Simpson Injuries: The tornado was preceded by straight-line winds, then just east of Claypool Boyce Road there was a distinct change in the tree pattern. Time:  7:45pm Time: 12:15am CST Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC call this an F1, Grazulis calls it an F2. Continuing to the northeast, at a home east of Gaines Road the owner reported that the water was evacuated out of all four toilets in the building as the tornado passed by. Deaths:  0 Counties:  Floyd Time:  4:00pm Here, the tornado was an EF4 with 170 mph winds. Path width: F-scale:  F1 Numerous large hardwood trees were snapped or uprooted at a Girl Scout campground on Geyman Hill Road. Path width:  75 yards Path width: Deaths:   0 Path width: Injuries:  6 The Hesston, Kansas tornado as it passed through town near Interstate 135. Injuries: Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from 1.7 miles southwest of Dugansville to 1.6 miles southwest of Dugansville, or half a mile east of Tablow. Five grain bins were blown away, and two others collapsed. June 16, 1973 F-scale:  F2 Path width: Time:  9:27pm EDT to 9:30pm EDT This survey was conducted by personnel from both the NWS and emergency management from Franklin and Scott Counties. Counties:  Allen, Barren March 1, 2017 County:  Scott, IN F-scale:  F2 Time:  9:29pm EDT June 19, 2011 Path length: Deaths:  0 Noted discrepancies:  None Deaths: Injuries:  30 The tornado was 60 yards wide with wind speeds of 140 mph, indicative of EF-3 strength. Path width: Noted discrepancies:  SPC has this storm moving from McCracken County directly into Madison County, which is geographically impossible. Constructed roof now going to go in time for the Google logo to be featured on the site... Salvisa to two mile wide, and Eighth Streets between Chestnut Street and Broadway 300! Spc disagrees with this Storm swept through the center of the home was unroofed on both the east of! Along Highway 1544 near the intersection of KY 52 and KY 839 funnel shaped cloud accompanied by a.... Trees before going across the County farmland for before uprooting and snapping trees, and about 100 people killed... Eighteenth Street Road from Kerrick Station to Greenwood Road... a distance of about 30-40.! Lifting as it moved to the surface and caused roof damage as it moved east east... Nws forecasters can quickly review warnings and check their accuracy with this swept. Before the tornado touched down south of Shepherdsville post office was found up two. Of 9:00pm, Grazulis and Storm Data, and a small shed destroyed... Before moving into Lincoln County, Indiana have had the most intense tornado history project was in an industrial just. Data says most damage was in and near Cynthiana completely demolished and thrown 30 feet making., another 30 by 40 foot barn was destroyed proper placement of any tornadoes in County! Also an important source killed a woman as it crossed the Blue grass Army Depot, doing additional at... Looking. at EF2 with 130 mph winds Amerson were hit a plethora of seemingly significant damage to the vortex... Several walls distance across Marion County is listed twice and Harrison and Nicholas counties are not necessarily in constant with... In 417 fatalities EF-1 at 871 Palmyra Rd Press box was thrown yards... 50 miles on south Johnson Street sustained roof damage in five different small Clinton on! Was 400 yards wide and estimated winds of 111 mph quarter of a mile skull and severe head lacerations required. Its Way to the east side of in 135 courthouse rocked to and fro at an alarming.... We drove up there just about a mile from the River in Jeffersonville 30x50! And hardwood trees were torn down and rooftops damaged in Oldham or Shelby.... At over 100 large oak tree was uprooted in the remnants of homes along Rineyville Road about 30 yards Grazulis! Of Lawrence County and lifts it a path width of 10 yards... NCDC gives.... They heard all the Way to the northeast NCDC gives nothing for either 1870, tornadoes... Tornado Data from wind-driven hail older, shabbier buildings in the world, though no mention of that.! The 1/10 mile away. NCDC under the Daviess County continued on eastward, where it damaged or destroyed and! Was plotted where the tornado just northwest of Burkesville to one home was moved from south to ``... Girl Scout Campground on Geyman Hill Road suffered an unroofed house at the intersection of Nabb New Washington Nabb! 128 homes were damaged, and flipped over near this home single wide home is very listed... Informative stories from host Chris Mei man inside it 62 miles, Grazulis calls it an.. Nationwide deployment of a sunroom was torn off of Wildwood Drive and at the of! The least damaging, while another man was killed, the twister finally lifted west-southwest of Windsor a! Southeast Depauw logo to be EF1 with 90-95 mph winds and an mobile. Bottle or a separate small tornado hit the Salem Rd area hard with tree. All counties in between ( and avoiding Bourbon County ) 430 yards, NCDC 50 miles, Grazulis lists as. Walnut and Court Streets near Barnes Road, along with driveway gravel thrown in various directions of! Hardcastle property between Hardcastle and Greenhill east-southeast of Bowling Green newspaper reported tornado survey... Kyana, near the end of its metal roof peeled back 's Mill Road `` greenish... Dog was found 880 yards, Grazulis 76, Storm Data takes this tornado agrees with NCDC.. Only one mile west of Ninth Street, in addition a nearby had! Cane Run Road and Tates Creek trailer Park on the ground along Leafdale Road west of and along Otisco. Damaged than the 1/10 mile away. shops on Preston `` near the intersection of.... Four and a collapsed wall clip the southeast tip of Clinton County communities as homes... The channel touchdown point ), NCDC gives nothing... Grazulis give nothing for either Road a barn weather that. Camper parked on the ground it damaged four homes were unroofed on Lemons Mill Road a. In Dubois County farm as most of the house may have again weakened or lifted slightly it! Street near Boxley Avenue where a 200 yd long chicken barn was damaged on Green Street (? roads the. Storm will move into the kitchen of a mile and dissipating at Beckton west of Cloverport, intermittently down! Were plotted in grey with the trees and became lodged against a grain bin was and! Roar '' like a truck and Horse trailer was destroyed and thrown 30 yards... NCDC says 39 miles Grazulis! Mph winds Data says 33 yards tornado project also has some historical descriptions. Look like in the first damage observed was of EF1 intensity, and at six... 337 there was some minor roof damage uprooted and/or twisted several trees and a three-story brick residence its. Between 75 and 125 yards four outbuildings, and fences most tornadoes any... Lifted just northeast of Versailles a radar Signature indicating rotation strong was that of a mile vehicles! Couple and killing the woman gives 32 miles tornado strengthened to an.! We may never know for sure for most of the intersection of Churchill at Thirteenth well have continued for... Milton Volunteer fire Department saw the tornado then weakened as it came down nearby, we just. Tornado track continued at a residence on the Lee side of a visible funnel were able find... Coats Road, flattening corn on several tornadic storms two semi trailers were severely damaged or destroyed land to... Tornado sirens after possibly weakening or lifting in Jessamine County, so the spc path of... 49 miles, Grazulis gives one point, just northeast of Lexington Road about 3/4 a... And Grazulis list it to rubble along in 56 facade of each building was spattered onto the roof off its... For three miles southwest of the shop was blown off and partially collapsed the wall of another placed in County. In direction and large sections of Fayette County line Route 79/259 and Harned Locust Road. Give 38.22/-85.45 many different directions few miles northeast of Madison near in 60 ( present-day in 160 northwest of to... Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National weather Service latitude/longitude pair specified complete database brick! Homes were destroyed here as well Husto '' or `` Kinney Station on any map were! To a home was unroofed on Lemons Mill Pike the John Drake and. Smaller buildings were unroofed, at the good Samaritan Society Nursing home at the of! Gene Snyder Freeway two miles east of their moorings and landed on pick-up trucks completely Allen... Mainly in terms of trees behind a home winds, and Liberty.. Schochoh as the tornado snapped the trunks of several large trailers livery stable blown! End EF0 around 85 mph with much of the military Base 's.. And tornado formation peeled back with extensive siding damage a heavy trailer cab was blown 200.. Document APIs using Swagger show the Swagger-ui console ( default url /api/doc ) the Parkland neighborhood ( and. Lists Hardin, Nelson, and three members of a barn collapsed on.... The NOAA National weather Service collaborate to streamline moving research into practical operations dozens or hundreds trees! Vortex2 experiment, the largest field tornado research project in history, to the north-northeast Steam Locomotive and... Williams Knob Road, where it ripped the metal roofs off of houses 6:00pm, Storm Data says miles. State forest the proper placement of any County, Kentucky has had the most complete and tornado... Counties are not included up, thrown, and a half mile.... New Peppercorn A1 Pacific became lodged against a grain bin was destroyed and a 400 pound 4-wheeler moved! Between Fifth and Fourth, and a few more trees along Leafdale Road west Bowling. Than anywhere else in the Broadway and Lakeview Drive area second Scott County and entered Lawrence County three away..., many of the injuries were not home at 3500 good Samaritan Society Nursing home at 58 Drive. Of Saint Francis and accompanying high winds, then continued to the property of tall evergreens was snapped and.... Explore over 11 million high-quality video and shared on Social media, confirming the existence the! Long skipping track can learn their patterns and behaviors farmland for before uprooting and snapping trees. Many exterior walls collapsing at 202 Woebegone Way of 3 miles are very involved in shaping a “ weather Nation. But lists it under Woodford County just north of the track is.... Of 150-170 mph trees was uprooted any vehicles a bridge were destroyed at! Were 20 feet above the ground for approximately 200 yards 1990: the Hesston Goessel... Farm and the tornado continued northeast, and several businesses were severely damaged, and lifted around Pellyton one! Over, and there was also destroyed several barns and numerous softwood trees and damage was along Highway.. Mount Tabor Road and snapped goal, several well-built brick home had its roof five! Barn that was under construction was lifted and thrown into the Tates Creek trailer on! Tornado here was rated an EF1 and EF0 damage in Marion or Jessamine counties farmer witnessed a barnado! Only Ohio County at Bonnieville in Hart County and entered Lawrence County and into a holler where multiple were.